European Youth Weeks

July 24 - August 07


Engage with other young Europeans on current issues our society faces!


European Youth Weeks is an annual international project hosted by Haus am Maiberg , in Heppenheim, Germany, where young people engage in socio-political topics. It is addressed to anyone between 18 and 27 years old living in one of the partner countries listed below.


The title of the 2021 edition is "Reset Europe: Where do we go from here?". Taking place between the 2th of July and the 8th of August, the focus of this year's project is understanding and participating in the democratic process.

Bulgaria  //  Croatia  //  France  //  Germany  //  Greece
Italy  //  Poland  //  Romania  //   Slovenia   //   Spain 

Get involved, challenge yourself and engage with other young Europeans.


You will receive a certificate documenting what you have learned.


Explore Hessia, visit Strasbourg and see the European Parliament!


From its hill, Haus am Maiberg overlooks the picturesque town of Heppenheim.


Do you have a special talent the world needs to see? Here is your chance to show it!


Fees are flexible and adapted to your financial possibilities.



Those two weeks taught me that it's possible to learn new things while having fun.


From this project I took the power necessary to keep learning.


I learned how not to act on stereotypes and prejudices but recognize them.


I learned to listen to others and not impose my opinion.

Where do we go from here?

Reset Europe!

If you're excited about the idea of spending two weeks in Heppenheim, Germany, in a non-formal education project, in a diverse, inclusive environment, exchanging with fellow young Europeans over topical issues, apply to Europen Youth Weeks!

Advantages of Studying in Europe & USA

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